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Simatec World of Maintenance App

The new "simatec World of Maintenance" app

Your personal simatec assistant for efficient and connected monitoring

The digital simatec platform

With the «simatec world of maintenance» app, simatec ag has created a platform for easier and more efficient management of lubrication work. The app offers the user the possibility to record lubrication points, to set the necessary parameters for the lubrication and to control or monitor all activities around the lubrication. The simalube IMPULSE connect equipped with Bluetooth® can be configured directly via the app, the current operating status can be viewed from a distance of up to 20m via the app. The «simatec world of maintenance» app can be downloaded from the Apple Store and the Google Play Store and installed on the smartphone.

  • Monitoring of lubrication points
  • Creation of electronic lubrication schedules in Lubechart (available in the App or via the login link below)
  • Digital ordering process
  • Calculation Pro: Calculation programme for the correct setting of your lubricators. Available in the app "simatec world of maintenance" only

Your benefits

  • Monitoring of lubrication points
  • Creation of personalised, electronic lubrication plans with continuous monitoring of all lubrication points
  • Thanks to the new Lubechart feature, all lubrication points (manual/automatic) can be managed
  • Safe, simplified and efficient maintenance operations
  • Simplified, digital ordering process that saves time
  • simalube IMPULSE connect can be controlled via Bluetooth connection and can be set in time mode with the app
  • Installation videos help with the correct installation of the products

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