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OEM/Branding/Special Fill

Whether you are a Machine Manufacturer (OEM), Lubricants Manufacturer, Equipment Supplier/Distributor or Lubricants Distributor, Flexilube knows the importance of you having your own identity on the products you supply.

Because of this we are able to offer the following Branding/Filling Options on all of our lubricator sizes (at no extra cost**). Branding is in line with the attached example where we can print you Logo, Contact Details and a Unique Part Code on the 'Spare' label on the Simalube:

  • Standard Lubricants: If one of our Standard Filled units is acceptable for your application we are able to offer you branding including changing the Simalube Part Code to one of your choice. This ensures that any re-sale enquiries for your product are quickly re-directed back to you via Flexilube or the factory.

  • Special Fill: If you require the Simalube to be filled with either your own lubricants or a specific lubricant specified by an OEM, we can do this this for you, with factory filling, giving you full factory warranty. Again these can be branded and uniquely coded to ensure that re-sale enquiries are re-directed back to you. Special Fill also includes Factory Testing of the lubricants to be used to make sure that they are suitable for use in Simalube.

  • Flexilube can also support both of these options with Marketing Material and Product Training.

**Minimum annual numbers are required for this service, please enquire for details.