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Never lubricate your plant manually again!

Never lubricate your plant manually again!
Would you like to know how you never have to lubricate your system manually again?

Watch the video below to find out more.

Whether for a gravel plant, quarry, concrete or cement plant or for a mine, the simalube lubrication system makes maintenance easier, while you save costs and increase the system availability at the same time.

The operating conditions for machines and systems in building material extraction are considered to be harsh, as they are used outdoors and this with extreme temperature fluctuations, mud, dirt as well as moisture and wetness. A continuous supply of lubrication points is therefore essential. Without regular maintenance, the parts wear out or corrode, which leads to significant malfunctions and thus enormous repair and maintenance work. The lubricant dispensers also supply exposed lubrication points automatically, reliably and continuously with lubricant. With the installation of simalube, the times employees spend in the danger areas are significantly reduced.